I have begun to see how the design process is a template, an algorithm, for creativity. It is the same process a filmmaker takes to make his ideas turn from scratches on a page, to words in a script, to pictures in one’s eye. It is the same process an architect takes to turn pencil etchings into brick and mortar. Only the applications are different.

To this template, I will apply ideas that are created to spread; Ideas that burn through people’s minds like wildfire, and are contagious and infectious. I will promote ideas that challenge people; that question people; that provoke people; and anger people. But I will promote ideas that are true.

I will create to portray or question truths about the world. My ideas will be interwoven with story, which provides the clearest mirror for humanity to gaze upon itself.

I want my ideas to stand for something greater than me. I want my creations to go beyond me, and beyond what I can do by myself. My ideas will spread.

Like a fire.

Life begins when choices are made. In life, the two strengths I strive for are communication and balance. Balance must be achieved because without it, friends can become enemies; and communication must be achieved because without it, enemies become victorious.

I have found that design, like life, is making a choice. Therefore, discernment is the designer’s greatest ally.

One cannot possess discernment without first seeking truth. I find interest in stories that parallel the real world. I look for mirrors and reflections in what is said and unsaid, seen and unseen. I value honesty, because it is an attempt to make reality known.

Reality is that humanity is imperfect. This is important, because though everyone makes mistakes, not everyone uses them. And though everyone uses them, not everyone learns from them. I will turn my mistakes into victories.